A Vidal Family Tradition

In 1975 after many years in the shoemaking business in Spain, Pepe Vidal had a vision to launch his own footwear manufacturing operation. With a passion and expertise for finely made shoes, Pepe purchased a building in the small town of Salinas (population 1,600) in Alicante. This area is known for a rich tradition of shoe manufacturing, tanneries and components production. Along with his brother Pedro, they set up their first shoe factory and launched on an adventure to bring great shoes to the world.


Over the years the family has produced various lines of men's and women's collections, and in 1980 founded and locally trademarked the Maseratti shoe brand. The collection features very high end materials, with embossed exotic skins and Italian cuts offering customers a reimagined luxury footwear experience at an attainable price point.


Today the Maseratti factory is managed by Pepe's son Jesus, who along with their extended family continues the excellence of this second generation of shoemaking. To this day Pepe Vidal resides just across the street from the factory he once built.